Louis Vuitton: Large Travel

Large Items: Backpacks,  Duffles, Messenger bags,  Luggage

Palm Springs Backpack

Size Options:

- Mini (pictured)

- PM: Medium

- MM: Large

Embossed Monogram Backpack

Sling Backpack

Pattern Options:  

- Black Embossed Check/ Black Strap (pictured)

- Brown Monogram/ Black Strap (pictured)

- Brown Monogram/ Brown Strap (pictured)

- Brown Check/ Brown Strap

Messenger Bag

Pattern Options:  

Black Check with Blue Strap

- Black Check with Orange Strap

- Black Monogram

- Brown Check with Brown Strap

Checker Backpack

Pattern Options:

- Black Check

- Black Embossed Check

- Brown Check

Supreme Duffle

Color Options:

- Black

- Red

Weekender Duffle

Pattern Options:

- Black Check / Black Handles

- Black Monogram 

- Brown Check / Brown Handles 

- Brown Flower / Tan Handles

- White Check

Embossed Monogram Duffle