First Time Back in NYC

Last week was the first time I'd visited NYC since I no longer have belongings there. No bed, no apartment key, no job. It was strange, exciting and in a way felt like a familiar dream, but one this time I felt I had control over.

Landed at LGA and hitched a cab with some new friends from the flight.

Where? Meatball Shop
What? Beef meatballs over angel hair spaghetti and cream sauce
Where? Momofuku Milk Bar, aka Milk
What? Crack Pie, yes you heard me right.
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Where? The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf UWS
What? Vanilla Latte and cream cheese toasted bagel

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 Peeked into Francesca's Collections (despite the fact we have them back in NC) and treated myself to BOGO 50% earrings. From there I headed downtown to meet a friend for some exploring. Unfortunately the Museum of Feelings line was INSANE so we walked around the 911 memorial then went back uptown to catch a glimpse of the Rockefeller Christmas tree I missed out on seeing last year. Probably should have gone at night to see it with all the lights on, but I'm checking it off my bucket list regardless. 
Then we found the giant nutcrackers on 6th ave and I felt compelled to give one a hug.

We took a break from all that walking to enjoy my favorite Fresh & Co. dish, the Mediterranean salad bowl to eat in Central Park just like I used to do when I worked on 5th Ave. It was a crazy beautiful December day. I wrapped up the day with a visit to Hillsong Church in Times Square with friends and sushi dinner on the upper west side.


 So begins the work part of the trip. Luckily, I love what I do so it was fun putting together looks. Zach and I hopped around from one showroom appointment to the next. Thankfully he was sweet enough to help me carry things because we had quite a bit of clothing and accessories!

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Our handbag shoot was that evening with Sharina from DNA models who killed it. You can catch the final shots on my site.

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Where? Dino BBQ
I think this was my first meal of the day but worth it. I got a burger with a side of mac and cheese (because of course) and Syracuse potatoes. I spent until about 1 AM prepping for tuesday's shoot after dinner.

Where? Starbucks
What? Coffee and a cake pop 
(because I needed sugar to start off the day and I'm basically a big kid.)

The day started bright and early with call being in Dumbo, Brooklyn, just around the corner from my old neighborhood and favorite part of the city. A little nippy, presumably because we were so close to the river, but nonetheless a good day for shooting. More details when I can share the publication!

I didn't have much time after we wrapped up with the shoot to head to the airport. In fact, I made it to board just 4 minutes before they started letting the other passengers on, eek! 
In the end I'll admit my body was tired. I went hard for 3.5 days on minimal meals and heel wearing (which is typical for New York Mollie). I had the best time catching up with friends and doing what I love, styling, but when it was time to go I got that oh too familiar feeling of missing my puppy's face waiting at the door for me. I guess in the back of my mind I thought there may be an "oh no, what did I do moment?" shattering any certainty that I had made the right choice for me by moving back to NC, but thankfully I didn't feel that sinking feeling. If anything my trip confirmed for me how much I appreciate and love the city, but how I can stand to live with only seeing it every few months. It had taught me so much about who I am, what I stand for and what I'm capable of but it's not my identity. I look forward to our next memories.

So until next time New York.


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