Today's Look: Flower Child

 like to spend some time on my train ride home in the evening to reflect on the day. A few months ago, I decided to give a chance to starting looking a people differently, not just on the subway but out on the streets too. Instead of focusing on the negative I began counting all the little moments, the small (and even large) kind gestures from the people around me. Just observing...someone holding the door open for a stranger, giving a seat up for someone who looks like they could use it more...you know, the little things. With this newfound perspective I caught myself thinking today "People seem nicer lately." Then I realized that was a silly statement, people have always been this way, the only thing that's changed is I'm now allowing the positivity outshine the negativity and not sweating the small stuff as much as I used to. I think that's crucial if you want to find happiness in this world. 

It's taken several years but I've finally surrounded myself with many people who genuinely care about me. Looking around, I am so fortunate for my close relationship with family (even though we're hundreds of miles apart), a group of coworkers who are so talented and amazing to be around, the best roommates I could ask for, friends that have my back, and a growing church family that help me keep my faith up in this big chaotic place. It's taken several years to get here. I've had to purge a lot of toxic relationships in the process but I made it and I'm doing things I thought might only ever be day dreams. I don't think I've ever been happier! There's no looking back. I am the girl with a wild heart who refuses to compromise her joy.

Sweater, scarf, palazzo pants all from Francesca's Collections



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