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here's no better feeling than opening a new package that arrives at your doorstep with clothing inside. It's basically like your own private mini birthday celebration. When my box was delivered from Shop Zoetic the first thing I was greeted by when opening the package was a cute card neatly tucked inside that read 'you're a big ol' jar of awesome-sauce.' I thought this was the cutest thing ever. I immediately wanted to spread the smiles around and pinned mine on the fridge so that my roomies would get a pleasant surprise on an otherwise ordinary day.

When chatting with the sisters behind the company, Vanessa and Cynthia told me they love brightening up their customer's day with these compliment cards that can in turn be shared with others as a random act of kindness. Some other tee designs you'll find on Shopzoetic.com include phrases like 'SPREAD LOVE' and my personal fave, 'I'M BLOGGING THIS'.
Kate Heimann from WearinLA 

I felt inspired by the tees so this week I took to the streets of New York City in search of those blog worthy moments, while also showing how versatile the tops can be by mixing and matching with different outfits. Here's what happened.

Graphic blogger flowy crop top, $18.99

Graphic blogger flowy crop top, $18.99

Graphic blogger flowy crop top, $18.99

Blogger graphic crop top, $17.99

P.s.- Special thanks to my friend, Connor Brownell for the great shots in Central Park
& Jessica Fracasse for makeup! 




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