Build Your Fall Wardrobe with 6 Killer Pieces

t's officially August, which can be bittersweet as summer winds down. BUT let's look at the bright side, we're only one month away from Fashion Week! As the seasons change, it's time to start embrace the falling leaves and transition our wardrobes to compliment the cooler weather. That being said, I've picked a few of my favorite pieces that you can add to your closet which will really get you geared up for the upcoming season! Like I need to give you an excuse to go shopping!

A sleek ankle bootie is an absolute must! I ordered a snakeskin pair from Nasty Gal as a birthday present to myself...can't wait to welcome it to it's new home in my closet. Hope it plays nice with the other shoes. I'm all about the embellished clutch and statement making cuff bracelet. Look out for rounded shades that can easily be mixed and matched with the rest of your wardrobe.

Blanket coats were seen on the runway for fall 2014. One of favorites, of course, is Stella McCartney's black and white houndstooth coat. So comfy and chic! For makeup olives, and pink/red tones are stunning. I snagged the above Dior palette from Bergdrof Goodman last week and love how well it compliments my green eyes!



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