Today's Look: Origin Unknown

t was early January and to free my mind from the numbing cold that was New York at the time I decided thrift shopping would be a perfect destraction. As I made my way through snowy Williamsburg, I came across Beacon's Closet, a quirky thrift shop who's logo is a baby wearing geeky glasses. Naturally, I couldn't resist entering. After a few minutes of walking around I headed to the back room where racks were tightly packed with clothing, mostly dresses and once-loved heavy outerwear. AND THEN I SAW IT...the dress (photographed below) of my dreams. Only one problem, at the same time I spotted its beaded pockets and metallic design another woman picked it up and was inspecting for herself. I was ready to pounce. Much to my relief after about 20 seconds of heart palpitations, she put it back onto the rack as I simultaneously leapt to take it into the fitting room with me. I wasn't going to miss another chance to take back this stylish treasure that everyone else seemed to be mystically blind to. Thus began the trying on. In the dressing room I noted there was no lining or labels in the crisp fabric of the dress. When I looked more closely I discovered hand and well as machine stitching. It was apparent that this piece was one of a kind! Just as I had hoped for I loved the look on me, something much different than anything else in my closet. The attention to detail and Asian design influence gave off this aura that reminded me of my trip to China a decade ago. I instantly fell in love and quickly scooted my way to the cash wrap, snagging this steal for only $14!!

THE LOOK: There's so much detailing going on that keeping the rest of the look classy and as minimal as possible is key. I decided to pair it with a pair of sapphire earrings and Chinese Laundry stilettos.
photo credit: emma reynolds
photo credit: emma reynolds
photo credit: emma reynolds
photo credit: emma reynolds


Beacon's Closet handmade thrift dress
Earrings from my online Chloe + Isabel boutique
Chinese Laundry pumps



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