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tyle stalking straight from the streets of New York City, bringing you the top 3 must have trending items of the moment. Here are the pieces that made my 'it list'. Which will make it into your closet this summer?

1. You may recognize this particular necklace from the 2013 Bambi Awards when Miley Cyrus paired it with a Jean Paul Gaultier dress.  One of my personal faves, I love the open collar choker that seems to be slowly, but surely growing in popularity. When you want to accentuate those collar bones but don't want to appear too bear, add one of these cool necklaces for a splash of variety. They come in all different shapes and sizes if you want something a little less or more blingy. It's fun, unexpected and looks great with a blazer.

2. Behold the circa 1997 inspired chunky sandal. Yes, the 90s are back...with a vengeance. Did I mention it comes in metallic? This sporty look is best paired with a pair of shorts, summer dress or if you're feeling totally retro a pair of overalls. I said it. 

3. Orange is the new black...and I'm not talking about the show. This citrus fruit color demands to be seen. It's daring, spontaneous and has everyone wanting more. It is certainly the color of the moment.

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