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cenic prints, fast food fashion, and what the heck is this new buzzing trend dubbed 'normcore' all about? These days it seems like the ordinary is becoming ironically chic. All the hipsters are saying, "wait, that was my thing before it was cool." Is the future of fashion anti-fashion? 

Being that pop art has been all the rage this season, it would make sense that an art inspired print would make it's way into our closets. I've been particularly aware of blouses and dresses dawning nature scenes as of late, many with highly saturated in color.

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In case you missed it, Moschino and Chanel took to the runway with a foodie's dream approach to fashion this season. You know those super decked out women you see casually perusing the isles of the grocery store on sundays? Yeah, I'm sure they're out there. Lagerfeld dedicated a whole collection for those diamonds in the rough. You can watch the models from the A/W 14 Paris show below in their "natural habitat".

But the food theme didn't end there, Moschino's Creative Director, Jeremy Scott took us back old-school happy meal style. Complete with trays, visors and what would appear to be a huge copyright infringement, ripping off McDonalds (with all the perks of being ready-to-wear). For more on what we were all thinking when we saw this hit Milan, read this article
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It's obvious that normcore is rich in 90s flair, from the lightly acid washed jeans to the Nike swoosh. According to Chictopia, the term was "originally coined by New York trend forecaster K-Hole, normcore has transgressed from a trend to a phenomenon as fashion sources like The Cut, Lucky Magazine and Refinery29 have all attempted to decode its meaning and guide us towards achieving a look that’s been characterized as “a fashion statement that doesn’t make a statement." 
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So...basically normcore is more or less dressing like Jerry Seinfeld. Yeah, I'm not so sure I'm on board with this or at least not calling it a trend. It's more like the essential wardrobe of a late 20th century sitcom star. Is it me or is this just how everyone dresses on laundry day? Would you devote hours into pulling off this effortless look like so many others are doing already as if to say...

I want to hear from you guys what you think about this "trend." Vote below.

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