Making the Move

ew York City- commonly referred to as the Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, and the City of Dreams. It houses everyone from the financial gurus on Wall Street to the Williamsburg hipsters. While I'm neither of those, that doesn't stop me from being able to officially call it home. And not in some short-lived rebellious teenage kind of way where I feel like skipping town in an effort to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a rockstar, which results in me couch crashing at some friend's house for a couple of weeks after opening for a band no one's ever heard of. No, I'm grown now.

It's a type of surreal feeling, like something out of a novel. 

Though at work I'm just behind the scenes and must remain professionally unfazed every time a major star's name is dropped, I cannot confirm or deny that I wouldn't be star struck if someone I admire from the silver screen was breathing the same air as me in Starbucks one morning. Heck, I might even wander aimlessly into the street in awe, dribbling that hot latte all down my silk blouse. Don't judge me. It's strange to be living in a city that at any moment could become under siege by Spiderman, Transformers or maybe even (but hopefully not) a scene from The Day After Tomorrow. Hey, it could happen. I suppose eventually, with time and enough metro card swipes, this city will lose some of its luster, but it's fresh now so I'm going to marvel in it. 

One of the things that keeps me grounded is finding those little moments in the day when you catch someone doing something nice for someone else that they easily could've left up to another passerby. Like the other day I saw a woman crossing the street who spilt all entire contents of her purse unto the ground and two women stopped to help her. You gotta ride the little waves sometimes in this big sea of people. Do small things with great love and stay humble...but I digress.

I like a good challenge.
I know you're thinking-- with virtually no breaks in the past three years from school, not one trip to Miami or Cancoon for spring break, why would you jump right into the real world without at least a little break?? Well, I didn't want to allow myself any time to rethink what I knew I wanted to do. No time to be lazy and have things handed to me. I just went for it. That being said, the last month has been a whirlwind, which explains my less than average updates to the blog as of late. In two weeks I had graduated from college and moved (twice actually) to NYC. (But seriously, no more homework ever again? I'll take it.) I even had to leave my precious pup behind in good hands with my parents, talk about heart wrenching. Nevertheless, staying in my home state would have been easy, I'm not ruling out going back there eventually, but I knew if I didn't get away to start my career and step outside of my comfort zone I'd be spending a lot of time thinking "what if?". If you want big rewards you've got to take big risks, right? As cheesy as it may sound, I can't help but want to strive to be a woman that would make my five-year-old-circa-'97-Lisa-Frank-lovin' self proud. No pressure.

Instead of writing about some of the things I've been up to lately, I thought I'd share some instagrams. You guys like pictures more than words anyways.
Capturing the hustle and bustle atmosphere of Times Square

View from the High Line

Brooklyn brownstones

On my way to grab lunch in the ridiculously cool Chelsea Market

While I can't give away too many details for confidentiality reasons, I can tell you that I am working closely with major magazines, a-listers and top stylists. Striving for perfection can cause a lot of pressure. As an example to put it in perspective, if I don't do my job correctly Beyoncé might not get her look for tomorrow night's red carpet event and Vogue could miss out on their first pick for next month's cover. A 'my bad' moment could cost thousands. So...yeah. Public relations ain't for the the weak of heart, that's for sure!

Dear future interns, 
1. Wear comfortable shoes-- you'll be on your feet a lot
2. Do your best to find what you're searching for or figure out how something is done before asking your boss-- the less you stress them out, the better. You're there to make their job easier.

1. Ask when you can leave-- you're there until the day's tasks are complete
2. Get an attitude-- they can find someone else to do your job who won't complain. #realtalk

1.There will be days/moments where you feel completely incompetent...you're not, you're just still learning! Keep at it and don't take criticism personally.
2. Don't expect to easily find a paying fashion internship, but they do exist. What's most important is how this experience will look on your resume, but being able to afford to eat is always a plus too. Weigh your options before accepting the job.

 (all from Target-- you go, bargainista!...now you can afford dinner!)

THE LOOK BREAKDOWN: I kept my outfit fun, yet casually professional. The only thing I regret is not having gel insoles in my boots (especially since they were a half size smaller than I usually wear). I picked red because it's a captivating color that dares to express confidence, and who doesn't want to enter a new situation with self-assurance?



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