Today's Look: Nerd Alert

I hope everyone has enjoyed their day off (thanks MLK)! I had a lovely weekend filled with sipping (and incidentally spilling) tea, networking, playing with the new collection and watering budding friendships. I was so thrilled when I stepped outside this morning and it was nearly 60°F (you call this January...wait am I complaining?). Naturally I celebrated by dawning my pale legs in a skirt for all the world to see. My little ensemble called for a touch of nerdiness compliments of my tortoise shell glasses, which I added small matte pearls on the frame's corners.

A boy once told me that my oversized handbag resembles an old school medicine bag. I like vintage things. I took it as a compliment. 

I still can't get over the fact that this skirt (with darling rose gold zipper in the back) is from Target. You may have noticed that I love mixing and matching inexpensive pieces that look like they would be more pricy with what I call 'investment pieces'. For this look I fused a Marshalls find with designer pieces. As I've gotten older I value quality accessories more than ever, just another reason I'm digging my jewelry collection. Hopefully my look has sparked some inspiration! Now go, conquer the world in style!

(Scroll over image above or click this link)
Watercolor skirt, Target
Polka dot sweater, Forever 21
Chambray button up, Marshalls
Handbag, Francesca's Collections
Necklace, Chloe + Isabel by Luella
Tortoise shell glasses, Sunglass Hut

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