Style Tribe: Haute Hippie


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WHO: The 'Haute Hippie' is a new thrift shop obsessed breed who can't get enough of her organic beauty products. Fashion is just one of many ways she celebrates her individuality. Instead of having a million pieces in her closet, she sells and trades designer consignment, thus constantly, reinventing her wardrobe. She creates original looks inspired by the era that brought us Woodstock. On the weekends (between concerts and hours working on lyrics at the coffee shop), she's can be found making art out of old wine bottles, snapping polaroids around the city, and volunteering for non-profit organizations.  

Would you rock the look and lifestyle of a Haute Hippie?


credit: tumblr.com
credit: tumblr.com
credit: tumblr.com
credit: tumblr.com

 Stay groovy, baby

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