2013's Most Talked About Trends

his was the year of the statement necklace. Killer eyebrows became the face's daily essential, while ears transformed into their own edgy entities, cuffed with undeniably cool bling. In fact, every thing got a little edgier thanks to Punk Chaos to Couture. Another big cultural influence that had all of us not only wearing ostrich feathers (or at least dreaming about it) but, chopping our hair into bobs and obsessed with art deco everything was the release of The Great Gatsby. Though a little unsure at first how we felt about it, we warmed up to the idea of ombre...which developed into a sort of obsession we fed by putting it in our hair, on our finger nails and for those daring enough, even on our lips. We threw a fit over holographic prints and named emerald THE color to wear for a whole 365 days. Undeniably twenty thirteen was a great year for fashion. But most importantly, what we put on our backs each day was how we chose to celebrate our lives for those moments in time. Here's to a new year of style. Teaching us new things about ourselves with every outfit and creating new stories that the soles of our pumps are dying tell.

This year fashion goes bolder than ever before. Makeup gets even more innovative, redefining the whole 'your body is a blank canvas' idea. It will be attack of the midi skirt and rise of the Victorian-era skate-surf punks (yep, that's apparently a thing). New styles will have you looking like the dream girl-next-door. So, prepare to sparkle, shine, (...or if you're more into a matte look...that's your prerogative), it's time to start jotting down that wish list!    

photo credit: pantone


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