Today's Look: Curiosity Killed the Cat

eviving my limp, lifeless hair back to a rejuvenated state was a four hour process in the salon yesterday. How did it happen? Well, let's just say I thought that my last shade of light blonde was a bit too bright for the quickly approaching cold weather. On my last trip to Target, I threw a seemingly harmless box of medium blonde by Revlon Excellence Creme in my cart and headed merrily on my way to check out. Little did I know, the dye would leave my hair with a greenish/grey tint causing me to cry out to the sky "WHHYYY?!" Getting too dramatic for you? Stick with me, I'm almost done.

So I quickly got on the phone the next morning to schedule an emergency procedure to whip my hair back into shape. Despite my mini heart attack, luckily no one had to witness my gosh awful locks except my stylist (Amanda from Pur Salon) and me. Hey, sometimes even bloggers need makeovers! My lesson from the incident? Don't change your own hair color...unless you don't mind risking looking like an alien. 

Now that I got that out of my system, on to today's look. Sophisticated minimalism is always sexy. My new layered do adds maturity to what I'm occasionally told is a teenage-looking face. (Nope, I'm a lady and don't forget it!) I'm going low-key on the accessories and letting my leather details do the talking. I adore this top from K-la in a black and white floral print. It never ceases to amaze me that by adding a simple pop of color on the lips creates an instant freshness to the rest of the face, allowing you to go light on the makeup. To play up this whole Catwoman vibe I've got going on, I busted out the liquid liner to add a cat eye on my top lid. Strap on those stilettos and voilĂ  , there you have it

Pumps, Chinese Laundry
Leather leggings, Forever 21
Top, Audrey

Blissful Berry, Maybelline Color Sensational
Liquid liner, Revlon
True Match blush in 'Innocent Flush', L'Oreal
Illuminator powder in 'Pure Radiance', Bare Minerals
Haute & Naughty Lash, MAC