Today's Look: Chic Geek

spent most of my day doing science homework at Panera (nearly 4 hours- needless to say I think acquired arthritis) and running errands. Wednesdays are my get sh*t done days. Life as a busy bee had my roots begging for a pick me up and with AmericasMart on friday and my brother's wedding around the corner, it was imperative I squeeze in a dyeing session this afternoon. I can now say my hair is a nice ultra light sun blonde thanks to Revlon's Luxurious Colorsilk which, might I add, comes with an amazing conditioner that leaves your hair feeling nice and soft.

With some things under my belt, it's time to start getting excited for the weekend. This is my first year attending AmericasMart and I can't wait to be a part of the chaos to begin expanding my brand! Stay tuned for a recap and of course, find out what I wore!

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