Getting an Organic Face

hy do we put so much faith into what big name cosmetic brands are trying to sell us and not enough emphasis on what we're actually putting on our skin? Brainstorming in class this morning, I came up with a phrase, 'what you put into your body today is what you wear on the outside tomorrow'...or something along those lines. While I've been keen on buying organic groceries for years, I haven't put too much thought into purchasing organic/natural makeup until recently. It's not something I shut out, in fact prior to today I was an owner of a few Bare Minerals and Tarte products, however, not many. And why not? Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and (with the exception of the belief in reincarnation) you only get ONE body, so we should be caring and respecting it, right? Instead, we let eye-catching packaging and flashy advertising con us into buying products that could actually be damaging our skin, causing us to spend more money on treating those years of naive abuse in the long run. I was feeling up for a change.

Over the last few weeks since I started taking my cosmetic marketing class, I've been looking more frequently at the ingredients on my skin care and makeup products and have been trying to make more of a conscious effort in revamping my daily routine necessities. As all trips to Ulta go, I strolled inside with no intention to buy.  (I know we've all been there a time or two.) Sometimes I just go in to educate myself on the latest innovations in skincare, but today I looked in the mirror at my bare face and saw skin I wasn't completely satisfied with. Though only twenty-one, I've been prone to dark under eye circles for years. Sure I can mask those unwanted additions with a highlighter or concealer, but it never truly gets rid of the problem, does it? So, I looked into some brands to kickstart my organic face. I came across one that I'd never heard of, but discovered it is growing quickly in popularity- Juice Beauty. A woman working assisted me with finding their Stem Cellular Repair CC cream ($39). CC stands for color correcting and would do just the trick for treating my uneven skin with rich antioxidants. Another factor I love- it and can also act as a primer and be worn under foundation for light coverage. Being a Beauty Rewards member also got me a Juice Beauty kit (valued at $39 for FREE...um yes, please!). Needless to say, I'm pretty pumped about getting started with making over my beauty regimen.

Let me continue on with my shopping list by breaking down what each product treats, as I'm sure a lot of you are suffering from the same issues I am.

Dermalogica Climate Control lip treatment, $9 
My lips are always bleakly dry, despite my hydrating them with a vengeance. This lip balm keeps your lips feeling moisturized and, best of all, you won't need to replace it anytime soon, it lasts for forever! It's great to go ahead and stock up on products that will hydrate your skin with winter approaching. Not waiting will help prevent painful cracking later on.

BareMinerals Original foundation powder, $27
This was actually my first makeup about 8 years ago. I'd forgotten how great of a product it is and how light and refreshed it leaves your face. For those who want a natural look with great coverage I highly recommend! To apply, use their Heavenly Face brush ($30).

You won't find Kiehl's at Ulta, but you can find their products on their site or in select department stores (like Nordstrom and Belk). The company has been around for 162 years and did the whole 'all natural' thing before it was trendy. I recently acquired a few samples from Belk the other day and have enjoyed them all so far. Those familiar with the brand have given me nothing but positive reviews. I put this moisturizer on first thing in the morning before I apply my makeup and after my evening shower, once my face is nice and clean.

I can't wait to get my face looking healthy and refreshed! I hope this post has inspired you all to makeover your beauty routine with organic goodies! If you have anymore organic makeup favorites, please share in the comment box below! 

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