Today's Look: Free to Be

A simple chignon and this gorgeous necklace are easy additions to spruce up your wardrobe this fall! I'm in love with how versatile these jewels are! You can easily pair them with a sweatshirt, like I did here, or something more dressy if you're going to a party or event. Instant chic status. 

Jeans, Zara
Sandals, Nine West
Necklace, Chloe + Isabel by Luella

My hair was looking extra fluffy this morning so I started off by brushing it out to make it more smooth, adding styling product to fight the inevitable frizz. Then, I added loose curls with my curling iron and parted my hair as I usually would. After that, I braided my hair to the side and twisted the braid into a loose bun beside my neck. To finish it off, I pinned the bun (using hair pins and bobby pins) to stay in place and spritzed with hairspray. It's as simple as that!