It Girl Conquers Monday

Ah, yes, the dreaded Monday is here once again. It takes a superwoman to get through the first part of the week. That is the inspiration behind this look I put together for the 'It Girl'. The It Girl can walk into any situation with her head held high and stilettos on her feet, even if she had one too many margaritas over the weekend. She makes that top knot look like she didn't run out of time to do her hair, but rather is making a fashion statement. She is always effortlessly put together and ready for what life has to throw at her, causing all the rest of the office to say, "how does she do it?" I'll tell you how- with killer accessories and staples with that posses just a touch of extra flair. She can rest assured that when she steps into that pencil skirt and adds a couple of statement pieces (like our collar necklace featured here), she is going to make others take notice that the It Girl has arrived. 

Two-toned braided chain collar http://ow.ly/oV1oz
Metal + pave bar stretch bracelet 
Pave link stack ring