Surviving NYC: MPA's Magazine Media University

Having the opportunity to attend MPA's Magazine Media University 1 1/2 day seminar has been a major plus I've had thus far as an intern. Here, I've been getting schooled by some of the biggest mag executives in the biz on all the dynamics of the magazine industry. Hearing from companies like Time Inc., Conde Nast and Hearst Magazines has been an invaluable experience and has given me a better understanding of how all the departments collaborate to make blank pages come to life and, most importantly, capture the reader's attention.

Seventeen's very own VP & Publisher Director, Jayne Jamison, even shared helpful tips on how to land the job and discussed all the ins and outs of what's it's like to be a publisher. (Everyone got a kick out of the cardboard cut-out Justin Beiber she brought along to sit in the front of the room while she spoke.) Seeing her presentation and hearing about all the history Seventeen has made in (nearly) 70 years only got me even more excited to be a part of such an amazing company who upholds their standards of committing to the building of confidence in young women and celebration of natural beauty.

I must say, I have learned so much in the last month since I started at Hearst and can't wait to learn more in the upcoming months! As I go through this journey as an intern I want to share my experiences and provide you guys with insider tips that can help you all to achieve your dreams as well...that's what my summer blog series is all about! That being said, here are just a few of the notes I took from today's class on what it takes to be an editor and how to put together an a professional resume. Hope you find them helpful!

Advice from Danielle McNally, Senior Editor at Details Mag
What it takes to be an editor 

  • Natural curiosity
  • Perceptive/observational
  • Organization/multi-tasking 
  • Be able to tell a good story/strong writer
  • Attention to detail
Advice from Amy Helmus, HR Manager at Hearst Magazines
Resume & Cover letter Dos and Don'ts 

DO: Keep your resume organized
  • Name & contact info at the top for easy reference
  • Utilize bold, italics, underline and capitals
  • Detailed descriptions in bullet point format
  • Keep font between 9-12pt
DO: Cover letters
  • Write a brief summary of your resume, highlighting relevant (and most impressive) experience
  • How you found out about the job
  • Why you're a good fit
  • Position you're interested in
  • Express your interest in the company
  • Let your resume run longer than 1 page
  • Have grammatical errors
  • Personalize your cover letter to the wrong person
P.s.- I will be sharing with you all my first blog post for Seventeen Style Pro's Internship Insider page in the next few days! Links to come! Until then, 'like' the blog fan page!

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