Surviving NYC: How to Ride the Subway Like a Pro

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About to brave the subway for the first time? It can be pretty intimidating if you don't know what you're doing, but I'm here to put your mind at ease! As a first timer myself only a week ago, I have quickly gotten the hang of it. So, have no fear, just read these helpful tips I've come up with for you all and you'll be riding the subway like a pro in no time!

Getting around
The Hopstop app on your smartphone will become your new best friend, so be sure to download it! You just plug in your start and end destinations and the app will tell you which trains to take and the total time. While it's fabulous, you won't have connection underground so be sure to look up your destination before you head downstairs. If you're an iPhone user and don't mind spending a couple bucks, I'm a first hand witness of the awesomeness that is the KickMap app. Also, a simple map (which you can get for free at any of the station's booths) really comes in handy! For the most part the city is not hard to navigate. That's coming from someone who is terrible with street names and uses landmarks to give directions.

4 tips to not falling on your face on the subway
1. Wide stance
2. Shift your weight to your feet and stand firmly
3. Lean slightly forward
4. Hold on

Be confident
Even if you get lost, ask someone who seems credible for directions. I have met so many helpful and friendly people since I've been here. The best thing you can do is be assertive, quick on your feet, and quick at making decisions. If you're not comfortable asking someone on the street a question, I advise you to step inside a business and ask an employee. Hotels are use to tourists and know the city well. 

Other helpful tips
1. Enter and exit the train quickly
2. Keep as many of your things in your lap as possible. You'll feel better about keeping your things safe and out of the way for other passengers.
3. Always carry hand sanitizer. Need I say more?
4. Don't wear your heels on the subway if you can help it. Most women wear more comfortable shoes on their commute and put on their heels when they've arrived at their destination. 
5. Band-aids & gel inserts will help soothe your aching feet from all that walking. Click here for all your purse must-haves.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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