Teaser: Vivid Fantasy Shoot

As a freelance stylist in Charlotte, I have had many opportunities to collaborate with very talented individuals and use fashion as my tool to translate my visions. It seems I’m always thinking, creating, and exploring new ways to self-express, whether it is through my own personal style or when I get to use models to communicate my fashion voice.
That’s what I think is so great about the fashion industry, no matter your age, you never have to stop playing dress up. Anyways, I had been planning this most recent shoot for a few months- very excited to wear the hats of both creative director and wardrobe stylist in the studio in NC, and on location, just over the border in the Palmetto State. There were several different elements that inspired this shoot which when merged together developed into the concept of a character that our model would portray: the ethereal glam goddess who has traveled through time and space to find herself discovering her human form here on earth, but not without bringing some supernatural abilities and an undeniable anarchic attitude along with her.
It was all about bright hues, a 1960s classic, but edgy, flair within an extraterrestrial theme. Also in the mix were body-con dresses, Lana del Rey inspired hair, smoke bombs, and celestial projections- all of which is just a taste of what brought together the ethereal feel I was going for. While I can’t divulge the final shots and video just yet (as they are in the works of being published) I wanted to share some of my behind the scenes instagrams. More to come soon!Until then, receive exclusive updates at facebook.com/SecretsToStyleByMollie.

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