Surviving NYC: Intro

As many of you know I landed a summer marketing internship with Seventeen Magazine this February and will have the privilege of beginning work there at the end of this month. As thrilled as I am, it's been a hard road trying to find somewhere to live and until today I was convinced I'd be snuggling up with a hobo in Central Park! It's my first time moving out of state to become that cliche 'southern small town girl with big city dreams' and the first time I feel like I'll truly be living my life to the fullest. I can't wait to embrace all the city has to offer. On my journey through figuring it all out, I want to keep you guys updated on how I'm surviving the concrete jungle and how you aspiring NYC interns can land the job as well! While I will be busy working 40 hour weeks, I will also be doing a series of blog posts on my experiences including tips, tricks, and what I wore. So stay tuned!
photo credit: stylecaster.com

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