Surviving NYC: First Day on the Job

Hearst Tower
Between moving to NYC to learning how to navigate the subway and of course, my first day at Seventeen, It's been a jammed packed last couple of days! But nevertheless, I'm loving every fast-paced minute of it. While I can't tell you guys every detail about what my job as a marketing intern entails (for confidential reasons), I do want to share some of my internship experiences and what I've learned.

View of Columbus Circle
That being said, I had a great first day! When I arrived in the lobby this morning I got to meet about a dozen other interns from different magazines (Cosmo, Harper's Bazaar, Redbook, etc.) so I instantly felt comfortable and welcome. The girls all seemed genuinely nice and relatable. Once upstairs, the other marketing intern, sales intern and I started off by taking a tour of the office and having meet and greets with the employees. They were all very friendly and willing to help and answer any questions we might have.

The infamous glass doors
During the day, the three of us worked on a couple of projects in our office that has a great view of Columbus Circle. This afternoon, we were treated to lunch in the cafeteria (where there is everything served from sushi to cannolis) with the other interns from the different departments. Later in the day, we had a meeting with the lovely Editor-in-Cheif, Ann Shoket, which was a great surprise, but unfortunately that is all I can reveal about that!

I feel like I've learned so much in just one day and can't wait for what's in store (photo shoots, events, celebrities and more)! I will continue to blog as frequently as possible to provide you all with the latest fashion insider! Be sure to 'like' STS in the meantime!

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