You Asked: What is BB Cream?

You Asked: What is BB Cream?

You Asked: What is BB Cream? by thefiercefashionista featuring rimmel makeup

There's been a lot of buzz lately due to the growing popularity of BB cream. Just one question- what is it exactly? 

BB is short for blemish balm. It's goal- to be an all-in-one foundation cream that prevents complexion flaws and signs of aging. BB creams also protect your skin from harmful UV rays with broad spectrum SPF. These products are endorsed by a variety of brands such as Rimmel London, Smashbox, Maybelline, and Garnier, who feature products sporting the twin Bs.

This isn't to be confused with CC (color correcting) creams which aim to 'one-up' the BB creams by evening and brightening (in addition to the traditional functions of BB). These creams are on their way to the makeup market.

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