Secrets to a Frizz-Free & Sun Kissed Summer

It's no secret that I'm a fair skinned girl with naturally frizz-prone hair. I'll be honest, it's embarrassing to feel like you match your pair of white shorts. It's also a pain to have to roll up the car windows in the summer because you know your hair is bound to grow to bouffant heights within 5 minutes. It's spring time, the weather is warm, and convertible tops are meant to down. SO! I've found 2 awesome solutions to fight these problems and I'm sharing my secrets with you!

I feel like Jergens is improving their natural glow lotion even more every year. I picked up a bottle for myself the other day at the grocery store finding they had added protection to their product. This lotion acts as an allover gradual tanning lotion (without all the orange and faux-looking tan offered by others) as well as a daily moisturizing sunscreen with broad spectrum protection. For all of us who aren't big fans of the tanning bed or maybe are and want to cut back on spending on packages, this is the perfect solution. My favorite part is the gradualness of the tan. You appear much more natural if you don't suddenly look like a piece of cinnamon toast in the middle of April.

The Brazilian Blowout is wonderful. I've never had a treatment applied to my hair that has wowed me as much as this one. You're probably wondering what the benefits are to the BB, below are 4 ways it can change your life...no seriously. I was talking to one of my professors the other day who said she has received the Brazilian Blowout multiple times and literally used the phrase "It changed my life. I will never go back."
Here is a photo of me getting my first Brazilian Blowout at Orange Olive Hair Gallery. A week and a half later, and I've yet to see any frizz! It's a several part process including 2 washes (applying the product), blow dries as well as straightening of the hair...but totally worth it. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair like me, you will still be able to wear your hair curly, and straightening will be much easier. 

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