Bright Lips

There are few things I love more than a perfect shade of lipstick. Whether it's a rainy day and I need something to brighten my mood, or a sunny spring afternoon, I can't live without a pop of color on my lips at least once a week! That's why I'm excited about the bright lip trend we'll be seeing this season and want to help you all find your perfect shade.
Emma Stone looking fresh and flirty in a poppy pink and loose waves
Where to buy:
If you're on a budget, Target or your favorite drug store will have a decent selection of shades to chose from. My favorite recessionista lipstick brand is Maybelline (I can't tell you how many times I've taken naps with this lipstick on and woken up with it just as I fell asleep). At Sephora or Ulta a good lipstick, gloss, or pencil will typically cost you between $15-25 from brands like Nars, Urban Decay, and Tarte. I always recommend having a makeup artist assist you in finding/trying on the shades that catch your eye before you buy them to find the ones that most compliment your hair color and skin tone if you're unsure. Fortunately, most stores even let you bring back the products you decide you're not 100% in love with. 

Finding the right lipstick for your hair color:
Red heads- Apricot, peach and golden coral

Blondes- Corals, reds, and pinks

Brunettes-Darker shades tend to look best such as a plum

Secret #1: Worried about your bright lip appearing too bold? Soften the look with loose curls or braids.
Secret #2: Not enough time to get all primped some days? (I think we can all relate!) A bright lip is the easiest and quickest way to wake up your look. Forget the foundation!

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