How-to: The Simple WIng Tip

Want to get the perfect wing tip like the gorgeous Emma Stone? Well, you're in luck! Here are a few quick tips to help you achieve this day time look.

STEP 1: Start off by posting a picture of the desired look onto your mirror for reference or prop up that iphone near by. I think this helps to get a direct visual of what you're going for. Next, apply eye primer to your lid. If you're on a budget, and these days, who's not?, I recommend NP Set's primer. You can pick it up from Target's beauty department.

STEP 2: Add a nude matte shadow after primer has dried (give it 1-2 mins).

STEP 3: Chose liquid or pencil liner. I like Revlon's liquid liner or Maybelline's Eyestudio liner which comes with a brush applicator. Then, finely trace the eye. Stay close to the lashes. I typically start off with a pencil then go back with the liquid or Eyestudio to make it last all day. The trick is not moving too slowly and make short, even strokes right up against the lash base.

STEP 4: For the tip, with a steady hand, make sure it is even and extends to the end of your brow (see below). Follow the natural curvature of your eye.  It should be thicker at the outer corner and very thin at the inner corner.  

Step 5: Ta-dah! How'd it go?
Secret: Dual ended q-tips really help fix the smudge. You can get these at CVS. If you've gone a little too heavy with the liner, erase with this applicator and go back and dab over the dark area with concealer or foundation for full coverage.

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