Wardrobe Challenge

Start with these basic pieces: 2 button ups, 2 sweaters, a blazer, pencil skirt, medium wash denim, khakis, and a red pant. To add some flair, try a polka dotted scarf and a pair of pointed toe flats with a skinny belt. These looks will easily take you from work to play! Find pieces like these at J. Crew, H&M, Madewell, and Target. Tip: Try some of these looks with a pair of comfy cuffed boyfriend jeans for a more casual ensemble! 
10 - Piece Wardrobe Challenge

10 - Piece Wardrobe - White Shirt

10 - Piece Wardrobe - Blue Shirt

10 - Piece Wardrobe - Gray Sweater

10 - Piece Wardrobe - Blue Sweater

10 - Piece Wardrobe - Striped Shirt

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