Spot That Trend: Nails

Photo credit: Vogue Paris
L'OrĂ©al Paris has launched their very own 3D nail art stickers inspired by precious diamonds and metals. This stick-on-and-go trend has recently gained popularity, being seen everywhere from the street to the nail beds of celebrities. The "Rad Manicurist" as he's been dubbed, Tom Bachik, designed these Color Riche sets to be a "more efficient and way less aggressive way to wear color. You can stick them on and peel them off as you wish, without using a dissolvant". Visit www.loreal-paris.com for more fabulous products. 

Can't get enough of colored nails? Find out what polish shades are most popular where you live with this color trend map:

September is right around the corner, but these mega mags are on stands now! 

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