A Heart of Art

My friend Shandria and I causing ruckus in the city
It was a breath of fresh air to be able to see some of the pieces in progress getting ready for the DNC (coming up here in Charlotte) and meet a couple of the exhibiting artists in the McColl Center of Visual Arts today. The museum is actually an old Presbyterian church that was partially burned down in the 80s and reopened in '99, now turned into a work haven for its residents. I went with a few friends from school and we were lucky enough to get a private tour to help us do research for my Forecasting Trends class (which draws investigation of everything from the arts to politics so we can properly develop trends for 2017). I admit I get a little caught up sometimes with this big world of fashion I'm trying to make it in, so it was great to be reminded of my passion for art, which I have had an affinity for since I was old enough to pick up a pencil. In fact, the only things that have ever made perfect sense to me have been evoked by creativity. 
Old dumpster scraps filled with water, reflecting the clouds (top left), A sign warning 'Be careful today' (top right), Artist Ben Wolfe's shnazzy work wear by Major Damage (bottom left), An artist's foot prints that were left behind after he walked the rafters (might I note completely unharnessed)  while he talked about some of his work (bottom right)

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