Hair Extensions

I've been talking about wanting extensions for 2 or 3 years now. After all that time and waiting for my hair to grow, I finally decided to try some out to give me extra length for fall and winter. I bought my real human hair clip-ins from the store Sally Beauty Supply. I knew I wanted to go with clip-ins to prevent damage to my hair (unlike those that glue in) and I liked the benefit of having the choice of when to wear them. However, If you're looking to buy from online, I suggest us.hairextensionsale.com/Though the price was higher in store than on this website during their 50% off sale (remember to factor in shipping costs), I liked the instant gratification and being able to compare the texture and color of the extensions to my real hair in store. However, this site is a popular success (especially among bloggers). Also, if the extensions you order don't match your hair, you are able to dye them (if they are real hair). The same clips as used by hairextensionsale.com are built in mine, which I found are easy to use and comfortable on my head. Overall, I am really excited about my sexy new extensions and happy they blend so well with my natural hair. I wonder why I haven't done this earlier!  

      Design Lengths Clip-in 18" Remy Wavy Extension (in blonde frost)

Rapuzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! 

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