The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

I've received many questions about laser hair removal since last july when I decided to undergo treatment on my underarms from Ideal Image. I had a bit of a hard time finding some answers to my questions prior to my consultation and wanted to talk about my personal experience to give some of you who may be considering laser hair removal answers.

Q: How many treatments do you have to undergo?
A: A total of 9 treatments over an extended period of time. My last treatment was in may, and my next will be mid-august.

Q: How long does it last?
A: It's a lifetime guarantee. If you have to stop treatments and start back up again later on, you are welcome to come back without having to pay an additional fee.

Q: What happens if I miss a treatment?
A: You can reschedule, but it may push you back a couple of weeks till you can get another appointment. Before you go back for your next treatment some hair will come back in between visits and you will have to shave again, but much less frequently. As you progress, the amount of visible follicles will diminish and their texture will change to be less coarse.

Q: Is it painful and how long does a typical visit take?
A: I relate the feeling of each shock to a fire ant bite. However, each shock's pain only lasts (maybe) one second and I am in and out of the room in 5-10 minutes. Afterwards they give you aloe to apply to soothe the area.

Q: What is the expense per treatment?
A: You can set up a payment plan before starting treatment. Personally, I decided to pay it all at once after receiving a discount through one of their promotions at the time (which vary). I paid $700 total (think of that as $350 per underarm), which was a great deal, but not a set cost.

Q: Would you recommend laser hair removal?
A: Absolutely! My experience with Ideal Image has been great. It has changed the texture of my underarm skin to be very soft and never having to worry about shaving is such an awesome feeling.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your "review" about laser hair removal. I want to get rid of my unwanted hair this way, because I had enough of wax, razors and I've read that is very efficient.
    So, I've decided to go to Skin Vitality Cosmetic Clinic, because a friend of mine recently suffered a treatment like this there and her results are great.
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    1. That is great! I hope you found this post helpful and good luck on your treatments! I know you'll love the result!

  2. Being the skin specialist I recommend to everyone to get laser hair removal therapy instead of feeling unbearable pain of wax and shave. Laser hair removal therapy is totally hygienic and safe. If you are planning to get it done then I advise you to get all the required treatments on time because if you miss any of them then it won't work and you will notice that after few months you will be having hair growth.
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