Today's Look: Slouchy Saturday

So glad that I'm almost done with my 4th quarter of college. Just a couple more weeks of school left till I get 3 weeks off for the summer! This quarter has definitely been a tough one as far as my life outside of classes. It seems like it's been challenge after challenge and I've had to stay tougher than ever  through it all. Today I just wanted to be comfortable without looking like I had just rolled out of bed. So, this morning I decided I didn't want to wear pants or a dress...that left me with about one other option, leggings. And what a wonderful and comfy choice that was for work today. While I was on the sales floor I wore my black pointed-toe flats from Aldo that have been my savior for about 3 years now whenever my feet are worn out from all day in heels. After work I put on some of my favorite red pumps and perused the mall a little. The rest of the day is about tying up some loose ends and then it's Ryan Gosling movie/spaghetti night! That's right, pasta and a hot/talented man in my living room ;) 
Bib necklace, Aldo; Top, Guess?; Leggings, J. Crew; Red pumps, Charlotte Russe

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