Much To My Excitement

Today I was in Sam's Club to look for a sandbox for my nieces and nephew, but unfortunately they didn't get any in stock this year. On my way out, my little fashion eyes spotted a shoe box with a Steve Madden label and I quickly snatched them up, thus realizing that they had the gold glittery style flat that I so desired (and had been looking for everywhere in my size, 7). The best part, they were only $15! I said, "Come to mama!"


  1. Mollie, your new Steve Madden flats are simply adorable! I’m glad we were able to add a little something to your already very fashionable closet! Thanks for shopping at Sam’s Club and enjoy the rest of your summer! – Ramona from Sam’s Club

  2. Thanks Ramona! As a bargainista I was very pleased to find such a great deal! I hope you enjoy my blog and your summer as well!