Girl That Rocks

You may know her as that girl who sings 'Black Horse and a Cherry Tree' and 'Suddenly I See' (Devil Wears Prada soundtrack), but KT Tunstall is much more than that. She's been a huge inspiration to me for years. She is what main stream music these days is missing out on. Not to mention she's gorgeous! A real girl that not only rocks, but stays true to herself...not to mention she has awesome style! She knows how to play dozens of instruments and writes all her own music. I wish she played more shows in the US, but I would kill to see one of her shows in Europe! I advise you to listen to her other, less known songs (such as 'Other Side of The World' and 'Silent Sea'). I think you'll soon too fall in love. Also check out the video I shared at the bottom of this post.
So jealous of this bass
Effortless style

A mash-up of Black Horse & a Cherry Tree + Seven Nation's Army (The White Stripes)

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