6 Pieces Under $70

We all do it. Pick out that one piece that catches our eye then leave it hanging lonely in our closets for months without finding the right things to go with it. What I've been doing more of lately is not allowing myself to buy that one statement piece if I know I won't find anything to wear with it, but instead creating an entire look when I go shopping, head to toe. No, I'm not suggesting you get a shoe for each look, but instead consider recycling what you already have in your closet and only add what needs to be replenished. Buy what you can see yourself using over and over again, or what can transition from this season to the next. Inspect each garment for quality to ensure you're not wasting your money on something that's going to fall apart in the wash when you get it home, or snag on your doorknob. If you're like me and your favorite past time is shopping, then try to donate your outdated wardrobe every 6 months-1 year. This week I am going to head to the local consignment shop and set myself up a booth to sell a majority of my old wardrobe to get a little cash to make up for the new items I've already purchased. That way I can clear out my closet and let those old pieces find their way into a new home. Anything that is not in the current season, or that I cannot sell I am going to donate. It's sort of a spring...well summer cleaning. If you're tired of it, share the love by selling it or giving it away to someone who would appreciate it as much as you did. Your first step to being a recessionista! Below are the 6 pieces I snagged for under $70 today, which I can wear together or mix with others I already have. 
Embellished sheer dress (above the knee), $24.80
3 skinny belts (black, nude & gray), $4.50
Light pink lace panties, $3.80
Black peep-toe studded pumps (w/ gold bottom), $36.80
TOTAL: $69.90

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