Summer Legs: Part Deux

So, I've achieved my ideal leg tone without looking orange (thanks to St. Tropez spray), but that's not my only issue with my legs. Do you ever suffer from razor burn or even prolonged dark marks on your legs caused by infected follicles that just don't seem go away? Sounds unappealing, I know! But I've been in yours shoes for months, and it's simply unacceptable now that the heat is demanding visible (and of course sexy) summer legs. I've  been going hard at the gym for weeks to get toned for my bikini, but quite truthfully I've been almost too embarrassed to wear shorts because of what my razor has done! If you have something in common with all this rambling, I've got a solution for you!! Thank goodness, right?
To use: 
1) Apply in a circular motion on the desired area
 2) Wipe off with a wet towel  
3) Pat dry
After just one use of this exfoliator, I felt a difference in my legs! The very next morning the dark spots visibly had been reduced. Keep using daily and don't forget to apply lotion afterwards!  Hope you guys have equal success and this advice brings you one step closer to revealing your sexy summer legs! Pick up your KP Duty exfoliator from an Ulta today!

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