Your Guide to Summer Legs

It's no secret my legs are pretty pale! When I was younger I spent all my time outdoors, but as I've gotten older I've noticed a decline in my ability to acquire a natural glow. I've tried everything except laying out in the sun or going to a tanning bed (lotions, makeup, spray tan, etc.), which I refuse to do. So, the other day in Sephora I was looking to try a new product that didn't leave me looking orange and wouldn't rub right off. I was recommended St. Tropez perfect legs spray. It dries instantly, giving a much more natural look to my fair skin. It's as simple as spraying 6-8 inches away and rubbing in. The only down sides are I had to scrub my hand I rubbed the product in with several times (but I'm thinking that should completely fade by tomorrow). Also, the can costs $18. Overall, I give St. Tropez a good review and would say it's worth the money!

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