Girl With Curls

A question I seem to get a lot is, "Is your hair naturally curly?" The answer? Yes, but since I take my showers at night and let my hair naturally dry, sometimes it needs a little wakeup in the A.M. So here's a guide to getting your hair to look full and playful like this!

My routine to perfecting a head of tight, bouncy curls:
1) Brush hair to get out tangles (you want hair to be wavy and fluffy)
2) Start curling the bottom layers, up to the top (I like to use Conair 1" barrel curling iron for every day use). Usually I flip my head upside down and curl like that until I reach the thinner pieces from the top layer. Leave your bangs/the hair that frames your face for last. 
3) For a more humid day: As you are curling, spray each layer as you go with hairspray. My favorites are Aussie, Garnier, and Dove. 
4) As you get to the top layer, part your hair on the preferred side.
5) One last overall spray...and you're gorgeous! 

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