Do I Dare?

I was due for a new manicure, so I thought that today I'd be daring and try out a new nail trend that I blogged about recently, caviar nails by Ciate. Sephora only had in 3 sets by their register and I had one of their makeup artist test out the rainbow kit on one of my fingers. I decided to buy a kit of my own (complete with  beads, paint pot, and funnel) in 'snow virgin'.    

How it works:
Step 1: Paint nails with 2 coats of polish (only working on one nail at a time)

Step 2: The plastic tray covering the set also acts as a tray to sprinkle beads over individual nails. Do this while nails are still wet. I suggest using the funnel to pour over each nail. It's messy, but gives a much cleaner look.

Step 3: After entire nail is covered in caviar pearls, gently press them in place.

Step 4: Once nails are complete, use the enclosed funnel to pour excess pearls from tray back into the original container.

Step 5: Let dry for 15-20 mins. DON'T TOUCH anything! 

Step 6: And wah-la! You've achieved a new look that will be sure to get them talking!
Still learning how to get it to look flawless, but I think I did pretty well for a first timer.


  1. Amazing blog!!! Fantastic post! You've got great style!!! You're pretty brilliant. Gonna keep coming back to your blog for more! :-) Looking forward to more posts from you!

    Have a great day!


    1. Thank you mucho darling! I'll be sure to return the love! :)

  2. Love your style!!! Your blogs are very informative and fun!!! Keep those posts coming!