I Heart Tarte

Skin is the body's largest organ, and it's important that we watch what sorts of products we use on it. Personally, I'm a fan of Tarte products. The company uses natural ingredients to benefit your skin. I already own some shadows and mascara by Tarte, but today I bought this stylish magnetic travel eyeshadow case from Ulta. Inside reveals 10 shades of shadows, a brown eyeliner stick, double-ended brush, and bonus eyeshadow primer. (The eyeshadow pan is even recyclable to reduce environmental waste!) Also included is a sheet to guide you on creating day and night looks. Unlike many makeup products out there, this is formulated without: parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, or synthetic fragrance.
$44 kit
Getting that Summertime Glow
I know many of us ladies would like to give our skin a little extra glow for the summer time. If you are fair-skinned like me, you want to avoid heavy bronzers (they'll just make you look dirty). When I am new to a product, I have one of the store's makeup artists test a shade on my skin to try before I buy. I also ask questions to get educated on the best methods of application and the product itself. (I highly recommend this method.) So, today at Ulta, I had some products tested on my skin. While I was browsing, I saw several illuminators and bronzers that were as much as $50 (not the budget of a college student). To get the glow I wanted, I went for Bare Minerals all over face powder in 'Pure Radiance' ($19), which looked great when lightly brushed onto my skin. Although in a smaller container at only $1 less, it has more sparkle to it than their dewy illuminating powder, which I was told can leave you looking a little dried out. The great thing about Ulta is you can return your products if you are dissatisfied. 
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