Dressing Your Unique Body Frame

As you know, everyone has their own individual body shape. There's curvy, straight, and everything in between. Sometimes it can be difficult to know the perfect way to accentuate our figures, making sure we show off our favorite areas while camouflaging the areas we feel less secure about. Have no fear! I have a passion for making women feel confident in their everyday lives and I'm here to help!

The O-Frame
Is this me?: You carry most of your weight in your midsection and bust. You have a more rounded waist.
What to wear: V-necks, asymmetrical hemlines, long sleeves, flowy tops.
What to avoid: Tapered pants
Goal: De-emphasize waistline while maintaining balance in proportion. Avoid making legs appear too thin.
Cafe Goer

The X-Frame (Hourglass)
Is this me?: Hips and bust are equal in size. Average height and bust.
What to wear: Looks good in almost anything
What to avoid: Looking too full in any region over another
Goal: You are the ideal body shape, so you want to accentuate your overall figure. Emphasize the narrow waist while maintaining a tasteful appearance.
Dinner Date
The V-Frame
Is this me?: Resembling the letter 'V', your shoulders are wider, whereas your hips are more narrow.
What to wear: Sundresses, A-line skirts
What to avoid: Looking too wide in bust area and shoulders
Goal: You want your hips to appear fuller, giving a more hourglass appearance. So, your clothes should cinch the waist and flair at the hips.

The A-Frame
Is this me?: Opposite the V-frame, you are fuller in the hip area than in the shoulders and bust. You are more bottom heavy with a possible small bust.
What to wear: Blazers with slight shoulder padding, looser/flowy tops, bright colors on top, dark colors on bottom
What to avoid: Making hips appear too full.
Goal: Balance of the hips and widening of the shoulders

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