Birth of the Material Girl

Happy birthday Barbie! On March 9, 1959 Barbie made her debut being marketed by the world famous toy company, Mattel. She is known for being a stylish, beautiful and ambitious doll with tons of accessories and, of course, the latest looks. Girls instantly fell in love with  the doll. In her first year, 350,000 dolls were sold. 

History of Barbie
In the mid 1940s Ruth and Elliot Handler joined forces with Harold Mattson to transform their wood frame making business into a toy business, thus, Mattel was born. Ruth saw how important playing make-believe with the dolls was for children growing up, also improving their problem solving skills. Interestingly, Ruth and Elliot were inspired to name Barbie and Ken after their own son and daughter. Today, Mattel continues to thrive as being one of the largest and most popular toy companies. 

Barbie then
(Came in blonde or brunette- 7" or 11.5" tall)

Barbie now

Photo credit: allure.com, benjaminkanarekblog.com 

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