Transitioning: Winter Wardrobe to Spring

So spring is in the air...or at least around the corner. Need help converting your wardrobe to be ready to embrace the new season?

1. Dump the heavy layers
2. Add a pop of color or one of spring's trendy colors (a teal flat, accessories, bright tee)
3. Wear accessories you already own in new and different ways
4. Don't wear looks that say "I know it's 50 degrees out, but is it summer yet?"
5. Bring back out the leggings and tights
6. Sport a bright colored jacket or trench 
7. Change your makeup to be light and beautifully carefree
8. Rock a peek-a-boo toe wedge or mix a studded sandal with a pair of skinny jeans

Check out Marc by Marc Jacobs NY Fashion Week 2011 trends for inspiration (below)

Photo credit: fashionnetworkseattle.com, youtube.com

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