New Year, New You

New Year's resolutions call for commitment, but more importantly can result in a better you. What is it you want to accomplish in 2011? Start off by making of list of at least one major goal and then write down all little things you'd like to get done. Beside the items on your list, note a few ways each could be executed. When you accomplish a goal, mark it off your list. At any time you come up with another great idea, add that baby on! Just don't overwhelm yourself. Make this year about creating a better you, and living up to your expectations, and reward yourself when you do (might I suggest a day at the spa?).

Resolution ideas
In 2011 I want to...
1. Make more 'me' time
2. Get a man
3. Be more successful in my career
4. Rekindle old friendships
5. Break a bad habit
6. Travel somewhere I've always wanted to go
7. Learn to cook a meal like a gourmet chef

If you're like me, and you wouldn't be opposed to finding a nice guy this year, you have some things to consider/reflect upon to determine if they are the one for you. Here are some things I personally value and find crucial to think about when on the prowl and when you think it could be fate. Simply ask yourself what you are looking for & if he meets those standards. (Just a list of many things I had to find out the hard way.)

1. Consider: Do they get along with the people I care about most in my life?

If he can't interact to your standards outside of his own social bubble, you've got a mess on your hands and you aren't his mother! It's likely he could be warming up to new people, but if it continues, don't let it linger on. You deserve a guy that everyone envies you for. His personality should be capable of lighting up a room and you are dying to show him off at public events.

2. Sometimes the best things in life worth having aren't easy, but everyday shouldn't be a struggle or obstacle to overcome.

3. Consider: Do we have the same values?

Never give up what you believe in for someone else. It's inevitable you'll have disagreements and not always see eye to eye, but he has to respect your core values, and you, his. If a certain topic (such as gay rights) is something you are adamant about, he's got to respect that, whether or not he agrees with your viewpoint.

4. Consider: Is he there for me when I need him?

He's got to handle your 'good, bad, and ugly' moments, not just when he wants to see you all dolled up for a date (how convenient). Never let a man continuously make excuses or disappoint you. You are WAY too gorgeous to be all dressed up and without a place to go (and never forget it)!

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