Go Natural

The difference between an over-plucked or drawn in brow compared to natural, well-kept eyebrows is huge. Before you pick up those tweezers, remember to pluck only the pieces that stand out below the eyebrow, giving them shape. Don't go crazy, it just winds up being time consuming and looks tacky (& if you're persistent enough, they won't grow back). If you can't stand tweezers, consider a wax. It's quick and can easily be done at home or at a spa or salon. I strongly suggest not having too much faith in yourself if you feel apprehensive the first couple of times. Instead, get a professional to show you how to do it correctly. A pencil color that naturally matches your brow can lightly be used if eyebrows are thin or light to make them look thicker. If the pencil leaves you with noticeable streaks, make sure to smudge with a q-tip. Use short feathery strokes while following the path of the fine hairs.

Photo credit: wellsphere.com

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