Ootd: Girl in Charge

There's a new girl in charge...it's you! Armed with killer shoes and confidence that won't quit. Once a quiet sizzle, now she's ready to ignite.
Ootd: Girl in Charge


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Today's Look: Flower Child

 like to spend some time on my train ride home in the evening to reflect on the day. A few months ago, I decided to give a chance to starting looking a people differently, not just on the subway but out on the streets too. Instead of focusing on the negative I began counting all the little moments, the small (and even large) kind gestures from the people around me. Just observing...someone holding the door open for a stranger, giving a seat up for someone who looks like they could use it more...you know, the little things. With this newfound perspective I caught myself thinking today "People seem nicer lately." Then I realized that was a silly statement, people have always been this way, the only thing that's changed is I'm now allowing the positivity outshine the negativity and not sweating the small stuff as much as I used to. I think that's crucial if you want to find happiness in this world. 

It's taken several years but I've finally surrounded myself with many people who genuinely care about me. Looking around, I am so fortunate for my close relationship with family (even though we're hundreds of miles apart), a group of coworkers who are so talented and amazing to be around, the best roommates I could ask for, friends that have my back, and a growing church family that help me keep my faith up in this big chaotic place. It's taken several years to get here. I've had to purge a lot of toxic relationships in the process but I made it and I'm doing things I thought might only ever be day dreams. I don't think I've ever been happier! There's no looking back. I am the girl with a wild heart who refuses to compromise her joy.

Sweater, scarf, palazzo pants all from Francesca's Collections



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It's Showtime

Hanging out in a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, over sized mustard sweater and gingham patterned scarf pair with pointed toe booties. (Plus, my mutli-colored cork bag!)

The E! News set in the lobby

Tonight's Art Institute show was filled with young talented designers! Needless to say, I was a proud alum. The designers showcased looks that ranged from knitwear to evening wear, plus a men's collection featuring wide-brimmed hats. These were reminiscent of Vivienne Westwood's hats (made popular by Pharell at the 2014 Grammys), but unique and much taller. My favorite deisgn was an all black gown with edgy leather bodice and exposed back.

Popular fabrics: lambskin (Angelo Rosa), charmeuse (Joshuan Aponte and Nassim Shadmani), organza (Jose Medina) and jacquard (Yohanna Gursey)



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Product Review: Victoria's Secret Sport

was so excited for my box to arrive from Victoria's Secret this week. Neatly wrapped with heart tissue paper, inside was a sports bra and matching workout bottoms along with 25% coupons for my friends and me (how nice!). In the past, I had only ever purchased bras and panties from VS, so this was my first time trying out their fitness merchandise. For those of you thinking of buying new workout clothes or just curious about how VS fitness wear fits/feels, check out my review below! 

First impressions
VSX Sport bra, $52.50
  • Most sports bras leave my chest looking flattened but the cups in the VS bra appear more flattering than any other I've purchased in the past (making my B cup look less like an AA).
  • The VSX logo also acts as a reflector for night running
  • All around comfortable
VSX Sport Knockout crop pants, $59.50
  • Pants are flattering (hit at the waist and hit mid-calf). I like that they are high waisted, making it less likely to have awkward moment at the gym when I bend down to pick up weights or downward dog in yoga class.
  • A nylon blend makes these stretchy, feeling soft 
  • The one thing I dislike is there are no hidden pockets, which I use when running for a small ipod. 

This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.



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MBFW Spring 2015: Who & Wear


When: Sept 4-11, 2014
Where: Lincoln Center, NYC/"the tents"
Who: Invited VIP guests (buyers, stylists, top industry professionals, etc.)
How to attend: If you don't fall into this exclusive group, it's difficult to get tickets without insider connects, however,  plan ahead if you're looking to attend the next shows in February try getting a press pass or finding a hotel that has a package deal including passes to attend. Can't make it this year? No worries! Tune in to the live stream here.

Other events to look out for
There are parties and shows all over the city! Here are just a few.
Fashion Rocks at Barclays Center | get tickets
Couture Fashion Week | get tickets
Fashion Week celebration at Sky Room | Calendar 

Keep up with your favorite designers
Check out the posted schedule to be sure you don't miss out! Later in the week I plan hanging outside of the tents to do some street style stalking. Look out for the inside scoop!

Photo cred: NY Mag
What to wear
My advice to those of you lucky enough to join part in the most epic week in the year's fashion industry is do not dress overly trendy. You don't want to look like your sense of fashion comes straight from a page in Elle, but rather is your own brain child hatched from a unique perspective on the wearable art we call fashion. I think it's always better to stand out in a fun and wacky way, while still maintaining your chic-ness. Have fun with a cool quirky necklace you found on the streets in Chinatown and pair it with a Celine coat. Honor the designers you love by wearing a piece or two by them and help give exposure to the lesser known (up-and-coming) designers you'd like to rep. While we'd all love to get decked out in fall attire, the weather simply won't permit this. In other words, it's way too damn hot in NY this week! Wear what you feel most stylish and comfortable in.

Here are some looks I put together to get you inspired.



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Shop Zoetic Giveaway

here's no better feeling than opening a new package that arrives at your doorstep with clothing inside. It's basically like your own private mini birthday celebration. When my box was delivered from Shop Zoetic the first thing I was greeted by when opening the package was a cute card neatly tucked inside that read 'you're a big ol' jar of awesome-sauce.' I thought this was the cutest thing ever. I immediately wanted to spread the smiles around and pinned mine on the fridge so that my roomies would get a pleasant surprise on an otherwise ordinary day.

When chatting with the sisters behind the company, Vanessa and Cynthia told me they love brightening up their customer's day with these compliment cards that can in turn be shared with others as a random act of kindness. Some other tee designs you'll find on Shopzoetic.com include phrases like 'SPREAD LOVE' and my personal fave, 'I'M BLOGGING THIS'.
Kate Heimann from WearinLA 

I felt inspired by the tees so this week I took to the streets of New York City in search of those blog worthy moments, while also showing how versatile the tops can be by mixing and matching with different outfits. Here's what happened.

Graphic blogger flowy crop top, $18.99

Graphic blogger flowy crop top, $18.99

Graphic blogger flowy crop top, $18.99

Blogger graphic crop top, $17.99

P.s.- Special thanks to my friend, Connor Brownell for the great shots in Central Park
& Jessica Fracasse for makeup! 




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